EAPA Ireland’s newly appointed president vows to purge bullying and harassment from the Irish Workplace

EAPA Ireland’s newly appointed president vows to purge bullying and harassment from the Irish Workplace

The newly appointed president of EAPA Ireland, Stephanie Regan, has said that her first priority will be to push through vital information on bullying and harassment to all employers big and small and to work to purge bullying and harassment from the Irish Workplace. Our campaign ‘BULLYING AND HARASSMENT – IT’S EVERYONE’S BUSINESS’  will focus on informing businesses on how to actually prevent bullying and harassment, encouraging managers and supervisors to sensitise to the warning signs and equipping them with a firm template for an effective response.

Sexual harassment and the abuse of power hit the media with a bang in the end of 2017 with the #MeToo campaign and with the many outpourings of allegations. EAPA want to respond to that reality through this initiative across our workplaces, raising awareness, providing information and practical workable responses to those who are concerned.

As a clinician and a campaigner myself I have worked with individuals and groups of staff who are fearful of speaking out but I also meet the management who are unsure of when and how to respond, fearful of litigation and personal damage.  I see where information and understanding is missing and that deficit is failing everyone. I believe that we must focus on prevention and on building the environments that do not tolerate or hide behind behaviours that cause personal hurt and damage.

EAPA Ireland are a representative body for all those professionals engaged in EAP Employee Assistance Programmes and psychological health and wellbeing in the Irish Workplace.

While the focus of EAPA is to promote Health, Wellbeing and Safety in the Irish Workplace it is also to champion those areas that need change and improvement and ‘Bullying and Harassment is one such area.

Our members have a very specific understanding and perspective because of their interface with staff and management, they are aware of the challenges for both, the damage and the health impacts for all concerned. This situates us uniquely to be constructive in this space.

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