Our Vision

EAPA Vision Statement:

To be the global voice of Employee Assistance.

EAPA Ireland Mission Statement:

To promote the highest standards of practice and the continuing development of Employee Assistance Professionals, programmes, and services in Ireland.

EAPA exists to:

  • Promote and secure the identity and status of EAP provision and seek statutory registration for professionals in the field
  • Provide leadership in promoting and developing EAPs in Ireland
  • Set national standards of practice and professional guidelines for EAPs
  • Provide support and stimulation for the professional development of its members

EAPA Goals:

  • Professional Recognition: seek to secure statutory registration for EAPA providers
  • Organisational Effectiveness: continuously improve EAPA’s organisational structure and resources to pursue its vision, achieve its mission, and fully satisfy the needs of its members
  • Professional Ethics: support the highest level of ethical practice among Employee Assistance Professionals
  • Professional Development:  continuously improve the competencies and qualifications of Employee Assistance Professionals
  • Professional Standards:  foster the highest level of employee assistance programme standards
  • Research and Information:  provide information and sponsor research on issues affecting the development of the field and its professionals.